Reflections of the past always have a way of stalking us.  Reering it’s ugly head.  But, staying there…never letting it go…sulking in it…not only makes things harder, but it also wears you down mentally.  It is exhausting.  It will ruin your future and all things right in your life. Wise people often say to leave the past behind you!!! So, then, why not listen?

Yes, our past has made our present. It teaches us. We learn. We grow.  We move on. It affects our train of thought…how we think. However, our past does not define who we are. Our mistakes do not define who we are. Our bad choices do. not. define. who. we. are. What we take from it…what we learn..what sculpts us in to who we are today…that, that is what defines us.

Digging…dredging…holding on to it…whether it’s yours, or someone’s you love…choose to be that wise person and  let it go!

Like a bird…free yourself and fly far away…focus your reflections on the present instead!! If not, you may miss out on all that is beautiful and good standing right next to you.







I’ve been blessed…grateful for my wonderful husband who enjoys exploring with me. Taking me on these excursions through unknown and unchartered territories…lugging my stuff around, putting up with my demands….”stop, right here”…”move”…”here, hold this one”. I know that some times it can be quite exhausting for him, but he never stops…for me! He says he loves what I see. The way I search for the beauty in all things. But, underneath his tough exterior, he does too. I watch when he’s looking,  I see what he sees. Something happens to you when you’re at one with nature…the peace and serenity can overcome you…even those real tough ones!! 20577.jpeg