The adventures of dirt roads…


I’m so lucky to be from a small town where everyone knows you. Where we greet strangers with a genuine smile and a “hello, how are you?”. But, one of the greatest things I find, next to being surrounded by water, would be the availability of untouched land….acres and acres of protected forests….thriving and strong. I love it when we’re forced to venture off a paved road and find ourselves bouncing and riding gravel and dirt covered paths. I have to admit, it’s really fun, as long as we’re not in my car, but my husband’s truck instead, lol. Hoping to not crack a windshield or gas tank, or break anything else underneath. It’s an adventure going where not many go. Always faced with a beautiful sight of God’s creation. Many say the best therapy is taking a drive on a dirt road….learning more about yourself than ever before….and I couldn’t agree more!!! Separated from the “real” world…just you and nature. Wow!!!
Even with all the holes, bumps, mud, and ditches…those roads still take us somewhere. Kinda like life, don’t you think?



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