Nature Is God’s Art…Peace

So blessed and lucky we are to live on this incredible and magnificent planet! To always be surrounded, by God’s Beauty.

Large groups of thriving ecosystems. Living, breathing plants and animals. The constant flow of water. The beauty of it all can have such an astounding effect on ones soul. Quite captivating if I must say.

It begins the second you step outside, feeling the warmth of the sun hitting your face. Stopping, listening closely…the sounds of the birds singing, bees buzzing by, the barking of dogs near.  Seeing a storm roll in…when the smell of rain is so near. Listening to the low rumbles of thunder while the sky dances with lightning.  How beautiful it is to see that shimmer in the rain drops hanging from the tips of leaves. All if it…it makes you so aware. Aware of everything all at once. You feel so alive.  Being in present time…in the moment.

If we would just step outside and ask ourselves: “What do i smell right now? What do I hear? What am I feeling? What am I seeing?”, we would arrive in a wonderful moment of peace.


2 thoughts on “Nature Is God’s Art…Peace

  1. Beautiful Jacque! Thanks for the reminder that with all the ugliness in the world, all we have to do is take the time to look and listen for the beauty. You have such a beautiful mind and heart!

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